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Election Day 7 May

There are around 133,000 electors in Aylesbury Vale who cast their ballot in the traditional way at the polling station. Please make sure you carefully check your polling card for details of your polling station as there have been some changes this year. To assist those who are using the Buckingham town centre (Cornwalls Meadow) or Youth Club (Swan Pool) locations, AVDC has confirmed that there will be 30 minutes free parking on the day. More details on there website:

Buckingham & Winslow Young Carers

I was delighted to be invited to attend the 10th anniversary of the Buckingham & Young Carers group (YC2) at the Parish Church on Saturday afternoon. Many thanks to Waitrose who helped support the event, and also to Buckingham’s Women’s Institute who baked many of the lovely cakes.

YC2 is part of the Community Care North Bucks charity and over the last five years I have been pleased to personally offer CCNB free web hosting (, and a few months ago, I was able to award a small grant to YC2 via my Community Leaders’ Fund to help reduce the impact of the withdrawal of a county council grant. I campaigned vigorously on behalf of YC2 for the reinstatement of the grant, and a partial reinstatement was won for 2015.

Buckingham & Winslow Young Carers

Buckingham & Winslow Young Carers

Buckingham Library

I am a big fan of libraries, and we are very lucky to have our very own library in the centre of Buckingham. We are fortunate to have a wonderful team of staff who are well known in the town for their community events: from running a variety of weekly sessions in the library to attending the Christmas Parade in their fancy dress!

Today was another example of the team’s outreach: putting on a local history coffee morning event. I was able to attend the first hour and had some interesting conversations with residents about their memories of Buckingham. If you have not joined the library yet, why not?! Find out more here:

Buckingham Hustings Update

I was delighted to attend the Buckingham local council hustings yesterday. Hosted by the Buckingham Society at the University of Buckingham Radcliffe Centre, I was joined by three other Conservative candidates (Simon Cole, Howard Mordue and Tim Mills) and two Labour candidates. We were all given three minutes to make a statement, and then an hour to respond to questions from the audience. Many thanks to all those who attended! It was a great shame that UKIP and Greens did not attend, and didn’t even submit a written statement as to why they wanted your vote.

Community Leaders’ Fund

The County Council allocates a small discretionary budget for local councillors to distribute in the local community. I recently completed my 2014/15 allocations and I am very pleased to have been able to support a range of activities in Buckingham and surrounding parishes:

  • Akeley Parish (children’s facilities)
  • Buckingham Scouts
  • Buckingham Parkrun
  • Buckingham AED project
  • YC2: Buckingham & Winslow Young Carers
  • Citizens Advice
  • Maids Moreton Scouts
  • Old Gaol Museum

If you think you might have a project that might benefit from a small grant from my Community Leaders’ Fund in 2015/16, do please get in touch. More details about the scheme scheme can be found here:

Luffield Abbey District Council Elections

I am delighted to announce that I have been selected as the new Conservative candidate for the forthcoming district elections in Luffield Abbey. Covering the very north of Buckingham, and the villages of Maids Moreton, Akeley, Leckhampstead, Stowe/Dadford and Thornton, residents will shortly be receiving my election leaflet. The first batch were issued this weekend! More information can be found here.

Moreton Avenue Improvements

Pleased to report that some extra improvements to the path in the northern section of Moreton Avenue were completed last week. This is in addition to works undertaken before Easter. I hope we can undertake further works as and when we can identify some funding.

Moreton Avenue

Moreton Avenue footpath improvements

Buckingham Town Council

Warren announced last night that after 8 years as an elected town councillor, he is not seeking re-election in May so that he can devote more time to district (should he be elected) and county council representation. Warren has achieved many things over the last 8 years at the town council and will look forward to working with the new town council after May.

Highlights from the last 8 years include:

  • Initiated and published the Buckingham Plan 2008
  • Initiated and led the Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan, a government front runner, and assisted in its recent publication
  • Campaigned (and still campaigning) for better management of the conservation area, our historic heart
  • Achieved support for, and published, a set of policies for the town council to improve its management of its parks
  • Supported the town markets
  • Supported the town council in promoting tourism
  • Campaigned for better control of Houses in Multiple Occupancy
  • Supporting business and charities to keep Buckingham vibrant
  • Ensure the town council keeps an eye on achieving better value for money
  • Past Deputy Mayor 2008-9
  • Past Vice Chairman of AVALC, promoting parish and town councils in the district

Buckingham and Maids Moreton Scouts

The tradition of scouting in Buckingham is long, and the efforts of the large number of volunteers who spend time to allow children to develop a broad range of skills and to explore the outside natural world is to be congratulated. I was recently able to provide two grants of £250 via my County Council Community Leaders’ Fund to Maids Moreton and 3rd Buckingham Scout Troops. For Maids Moreton this has allowed for some much needed replacement windows to the scout hut as part of their wider refurbishment project, and for 3rd Buckingham, to assist them in their ambitious campaign to move from Adams Close to the pavilion on Mount Pleasant. I thoroughly enjoyed my recent visit to an evening meeting with the Maids Moreton Scouts.

Avenue Road Maids Moreton/Buckingham

The pavement and drainage repair to Avenue Road on the border between Buckingham and Maids Moreton is complete. This path was always problematic in the rain and with flooding, so I hope this makes accessing the school somewhat easier. The new dropped kerb crossing opposite the school will shortly have a red surface finish applied, and some road markings will also be refreshed soon. This was all funded via the Moreton Road development through Section 106 contributions.

Avenue Road footpath repair complete

Avenue Road footpath repair complete

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